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    AppearanceTransparent liquid

    Mole mass:169.90 g/mol


    Density1.483 g/m³

    Dhemical formulaSiCl4

    Boiling point57.65

    Safety termsS7-8-26

    melting point-68.74

    Warning termR14-20-22-34-36/37/38

    High purity silicon tetrachloride is a colorless transparent liquid, non-toxic, slightly lower purity, yellowish or pale yellow, with a suffocating odor. At room temperature under normal pressure density 1.48, melting point -70 , boiling point 57.6 , the boiling point increases with increasing pressure. Hydrolyzed in humid air to form silicic acid and hydrogen chloride. Water hydrolysis is very intense, but also had fierce reaction with alcohols. Soluble in carbon tetrachloride, titanium tetrachloride, tin tetrachloride. Corrosive to skin. For the silicate, silicone monomer, silicone oil, high temperature insulating paint, silicone, silicone rubber are also used as a smoke agent. Most of the industrial production is derived from reaction of the high temperature of silicon powder and hydrogen chloride synthesis reaction 

    Used as materials in the manufacture of organic silicon compounds, such as silicate, silicone oil, high temperature insulating paint, silicone resin, silicone rubber and heat-resistant lining material. is used in in making high purity silica and inorganic silicon compounds, quartz fiber materials. Used as tobacco in the military industry manufacturing as anti-erosion iron in  Metallurgical Industry, Metallurgical industry for the manufacture of corrosion-resistant ferrosilicon, as Release agent in Casting industry, High purity silicon tetrachloride is an essential chemical raw material in large industrial production.

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